Year 1 Home Learning

We hope everyone is safe and well.


To clarify, the main learning will be directed through the Home Learning PDFs uploaded weekly. We are aiming to upload the next week's learning before the weekend so there is an enough time to have a look through and plan the week ahead.


In an ideal situation, we would advise to complete one activity for each subject a day. But, we know that everyone's situations are different. Please prioritise the PDF and spread the learning over the week to make it as manageable as possible.


We are trying to include some links to some printable resources but we are aware that not everyone will have access to a printer. It is an option for those who would like it, it is not a necessity.


There are additional pages for links to some non-curriculum based activities that we hope you will be able to access at some point. These are just additional fun ideas, if and when you have time and are completely optional. They are good resources for families who have children of different ages as it's something they can do together. For example, stories with authors, science experiments, draw-a-longs with illustrators, projects and so on.


Best wishes,

Year 1 Team


We are beginning to add extra resources for home learning to our website and this will build up over the next few weeks. As a start please have a look at the following websites that provide learning materials for your children as well as links to other online resources.

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