Victoria Whitford

My name is Victoria Whitford, my daughter Cordelia is in Year 2 and my son Gabriel has recently started at Moss Hall Nursery. We are big fans of the Moss Hall family.

I spent seventeen years in the Diplomatic Service before deciding earlier this year to change career. I have a background in science and wanted to help people more directly, so I am studying medicine at St George's, University of London. I have led teams of 25 people, served on the board of the Intellectual Property Office, worked in embassies around the world and covered several political crises. I enjoy fundraising and am an active member of the Moss Hall Schools Association. 
I am passionate about science and the environment and hope to bring these interests and skills to Moss Hall. I’d like to help Moss Hall's outstanding education to continue to improve through developing the resources for science, mathematics and outdoor areas.  I care about ensuring every child has the chance to learn and to succeed. I am very much looking forward to working for the school as a parent governor.
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