All children have regular swimming lessons in the Moss Hall Junior School swimming pool with a qualified instructor. A voluntary contribution towards the cost of instruction is required. Please see the Swimming Leaflet below for details.
Under health and safety requirements, all children are required to wear arm bands for their first swimming lesson. As swimming is an important part of the curriculum, children are expected to swim if they are well enough to attend school. We often ask for support from parents during swimming sessions, if you wish to attend swimming sessions you will need to attend an induction session with the Deputy Head Teacher and have completed a Police Check.
The children need to bring in a swimming bag containing a large and small towel, trunks or swimsuit and a swimming hat. There are other rules that apply during the swimming sessions.
  •  Jewellery must be removed before swimming
  •  Children cannot wear goggles
  • Verruca socks must be worn if your child has verrucas
  • All children must swim if they are in school
We currently ask for a contribution of £30. This is a very modest amount for your child to learn to swim with a qualified teacher in a small group in a secure environment.
Please see the Swimming Leaflet below for all information.

If you have any further questions relating to swimming, please speak to a member of staff in the office.
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