School Values

Moss Hall Infant School

Ethos and Aims


Ethos of Moss Hall Infant School

Moss Hall Infant School endeavours to be a school where diversity is embraced and where children thrive in a secure, happy and creative environment. There is a commitment to high expectations and good early years practice to ensure the achievement of high standards for all and where the school community works together to achieve the school aims. Our curriculum is practical, meaningful and fun and the experiences children have at the school enable them to be confident and happy learners. We build the children’s experience on our clear rules and aims.

At Moss Hall Infant School we believe:

• in equal opportunity for all
• that individuals matter
• in celebrating diversity
• in valuing oneself and others
• that everyone has a contribution to make to our learning community
• that everyone can succeed and it is our responsibility to promote this
• that intelligence can be demonstrated in many different ways
• that it is the right of every learner in our community to achieve their potential
• that learning should be relevant and fun
• in the importance of having shared high expectations
• in the importance of celebrating achievement



Together we can be the best

Our School Rules:
  • Be polite and kind at all times
  • Listen carefully to everyone
  • Walk sensibly around our school
  • Keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • Do what grown-ups ask us to do straight away
  • Look after our school
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