School Uniform

School Uniform 


We have had a number of questions and opinions about moving to a simple uniform in our infant school. The main message is that this is a phased approach towards a whole school uniform in January.

PLEASE do not worry if you have already bought other clothes for the autumn.


What should my child(ren) wear to school in September?

● If you have bought clothes ready for school for your child (ren) they can wear these. If not, see the explanation of clothes to wear below. We will move to full uniform in January.


Can I wait until January for my child to wear a uniform?

● Yes


I have bought other clothes for my child

● Let them wear them


I do not want to waste money on clothes if the uniform is going to be formal / change further in January

● We are starting with a few core items. The only additional item introduced in January will be the logoed school jumper.


Can girls wear trousers

● Of course and shorts if they wish. We aim not to gender specify.


What about socks?

● From January - grey or white socks or tights. Before then, grey or white or whatever you have already.


What about school shoes?

● From January - plain black school shoes /plain black trainers


Will the children need to wear a logo t-shirt?

● Not in the school year 20-21. We will ask you about this for the following year.


What about PE?

● Year 1 and 2 children are asked to have a change of clothes for PE. PE is an important National Curriculum subject so children are asked to bring to leave in school, a plain T-shirt and leggings/ joggers/ shorts. Indoor PE will usually be barefoot. Outdoor PE will require trainers / plimsolls. You will receive information about PE in September.


 Why rush this through now?

● There is no rush, we asked new reception children to wear a simple uniform and realised later than planned that we had not also spoken to our Year 1 and 2 families. Our logo plans were delayed due to Covid. Timelines have been pushed back


So, from January 2021 our Moss Hall infant uniform will be:

● dark grey skirt, trousers, shorts, pinafore/ pinafore dungarees (though these can be fiddly when going to the toilet) ● light blue polo shirt ● plain grey or white socks or tights ● plain black school shoes (girls/ boys) or plain black trainers ● a Moss Hall Federation Logo jumper

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