Pupil Premium 2012 - 2013

Moss Hall Infant School


                          Pupil Premium Expenditure April 2012- March 2013

This is a breakdown of how we allocate our Pupil Premium funding from our school budget. This is funding allocated to the school and is based on the number of pupils who have been eligible for Free School Meals in the last six years, or who are looked after by the Local Authority. 
The Pupil Premium money which Moss Hall Infants receives in our school budget is used to make a contribution to the cost of a range of intervention and support programmes. This support ensures that all of our children are supported in their learning so that they can make the best possible progress. We track the children’s progress through discussions with class teachers at termly meetings, and this enables us to measure the impact of additional funding we receive. The actual costs of delivering high quality learning; providing additional teacher and teaching assistant support, and lead interventions to enable children to reach their potential costs significantly more than this amount. 
Number of pupils and Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on roll September 2012
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG
YR 17     
Y1 13  
Y2 10
Y3 (MHJ) 20
Amount of PPG received per pupil
Total PPG funding received
Nature of Support 2012 - 13
At Moss Hall Infant School we believe in equal opportunities for all children, and we aim to provide the children with a wide range of experiences to support and develop their learning. We have used some of the PPG funding to ensure that pupils receive support to
·       Attend the residential school journey (Y2 pupils)
·       Access Breakfast Club and Playcentre (after school provision)
·       Participate in topic related workshops and educational visits
In addition, the PPG has partially funded early support strategies for identified children in developing literacy, numeracy, social and motor skills. These include
·       Time to Talk (social skills)
·       Phonics/Literacy intervention
·       Motor skills groups
·       1:1 behaviour support
·       Reading Recovery
·       Daily reading support
·       Targeted Phonics support
·       Focused writing support for Y1 Children
·       Language development groups
·       Curriculum enrichment 
Curriculum Focus of PPG Spending 2012/13
Enriching the curriculum
Extended school support
Targeted Teacher support
Teaching Assistant interventions
Total contributions
Measuring Impact of PPG Spending
We are confident that the experiences we provide for the children at Moss Hall Infant School have a positive impact on pupils’ attainment. Analysis of pupil attainment at the end of EYFS (Reception) and Key Stage 1 (Year 2) over the last three years shows that our pupils have achieved in line with, or above Local Authority and National expectations each year. We will continue to use the PPG funding to enrich children’s learning experiences and enable our pupils to be confident, independent learners who are developing age appropriate skills.
Impact of Pupil Premium Expenditure 2012/2013
Year Group
17 Children
(1 late entry Disapplied)
% out of 16 Children
13% Statemented Pupils
75% EAL
37.5% Boys
68% Girls
38% (7) Children achieved GLD and expected + in Reading, Writing, Maths and Prime Areas.
Children who did not reach expected or achieve a GLD made measureable progress.
All children in receipt of additional provision – see Provision Map
% out of 13 children
1 statemented pupils
1 CLA (started school in Feb 2013)
38% Additional Needs Pupils
62% EAL
54% Boys
46% Girls
46% of children making 4pts progress in Reading (51% NFSM)
14% of children made 6 pts progress in Reading
31% of children making 4pts progress in Writing (58% NFSM)
7% of children made 6 pts progress in Writing
59% children achieved the Phonics Threshold
62% of children making 4pts progress in Maths (69% NFSM)
20% of children made 6 pts progress in Maths
93% children made progress overall.
All children in receipt of additional progress
% out of 10 children
1 statemented pupil
50% Additional Needs Pupils
60% EAL
80% Boys
20% Girls
56% of children making 4pts progress in Reading
77%  of children achieving L2+
33% of children making 4pts progress in Writing
66% of children achieving L2+
22% achieved the threshold in the Phonics retest
67% of children making 4pts progress in Maths
89% of children achieving L2+
Children who did not reach expected or achieve a GLD made measureable progress.
All children in receipt of additional provision – see Provision Map
Evaluation of 2012 – 2013 Next Steps
From Sept 2013 we plan to put in place:
  • Focus work on narrowing the gap for children in writing  for 2014 Cohort
  • Reading Assessment Project with LA for 2014 Cohort
  • Ensure corroboration of Reading Teacher Provision and Assessment for children in Y1
  • New Assessment Planning for New Reception with identification of what should be achieved at different points of year
  • Individual class provision maps for identified children – whole school
  • Reviewing impact of interventions and provision termly and/or upon completion of an intervention package
  • Enhanced teaching provision in terms of a Pupil Focus Teacher working with identified children
  • Focus teaching from members of the Senior Management Team to raise attainment in Writing and Reading
·       Net Pupil Premium Funding was reduced during the academic year due to inaccuracies in Census Data. PPG was used towards the numbers of pupils identified in this document.
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