More Fun Links

We know that at some stages throughout the day, you may want something quick and easy to access and do.Here we have grouped together some extra links to different activities that we think are benefitial for the children.They are fun, extra (less-curriculum based) activities to explore all in one place.


There is no expectation for ALL to be looked at in one go or at all. We would like to equip you with as many opportunities for learning as possible. Most of these are not age-reliant so siblings can do these together. For example:

  • Stick on a draw-a-long with an illustrator and see what they can create. Snap a picture and send it through (email or tweet it) so we can see how they got on.
  • Watch some of the live camera feeds at the zoo and talk about what you can see (check in daily and see how it changes)
  • Pick an experiment to do together
  • Draw some bugs with the guide from the author The Big Book of Bugs


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