In January 2020, Moss Hall Infant and Junior school became a federation whose express vision was to provide a coherent learning journey for children as they moved between the two schools. We took this opportunity for staff, children and parents to work together to agree the "why" or intention underpinning our revised sequenced curriculum. We worked together to agree on the values and principles that would be woven through our curriculum, that children would revisit throughout their Moss Hall journey, building on knowledge and skills so that we were delivering a curriculum  for long term learning. Working from the National Curriculum, our understanding of cognitive science and the science of learning, we have designed a curriculum that enables children to engage with concepts across subjects, across and between years and throughout their school career - building and deepening schema.


Barnet and Moss Hall are diverse. Families have moved in and out of the area for social and economic reasons throughout history. Our curriculum aims to reflect and respond to the full diversity within our locality. We aim to help children feel connected to the local, national and global community through this approach.


What we Teach and Why


Our school values reflect and build upon the already established ethos of social justice and altruism within the community and underpin all aspects of our curriculum.


Be Kind, Work Hard and Make a Difference


Using the National Curriculum and Programmes of Study as our starting point, we have interwoven these values through our knowledge-rich curriculum across both the Infant and Junior schools. Consulting with all staff, from Reception to Year 6, we decided upon our core lenses:


Trade & Resources, Migration & Diversity, Civilisation, Democracy,

Settlement, Society, Climate & Biomes, Landscape, Rights, Empire & Invasion,

Sustainability and Power & Monday


The content of these lenses is carefully sequenced, challenging, inclusive and diverse. It has meaningful experiences and knowledge that develop cultural capital for all of our children.


Our big questions link explicitly to the lenses and enable our children to have the space to think critically and form an opinion. They are encouraged to express this both verbally and in written essay form providing teachers with a variety of assessment opportunities.


We have a 3D approach to building knowledge and skills, across a unit, across a year and across subjects and key stages. This enables our children to know more and remember more, deepen understanding and carefully build mental models (schemas) over time.


Our ambitious and inclusive curriculum is rich in vocabulary with reading threaded throughout. Our diverse and carefully selected book spine reflects the diversity of our community and broadens our pupils' world view. Each text has been carefully selected to challenge our children, introduce them to a wide range of high quality authors and complement the knowledge being taught.


Our research-led approach offers our staff high quality, professional development, building expertise in teaching and learning, and in specific subject areas. We offer a broad range of opportunities to our children that encourage resilience, creativity and empathy, equipping them with the skills needed for the next stage of their lives. Nurturing the 'character' of our children alongside building their knowledge and skills is fundamental to the Moss Hall Way. We aspire for our children to be articulate and confident to express themselves and make their voices heard, embracing British values and becoming valuable members of our society. They will be kind, work hard and make a difference!

Moss Hall Infant Lenses and Questions Curriculum Overview


Long Term Curriculum Overviews
Medium Term Curriculum Overviews
End of Years Expectations for Reading, Writing and Maths
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