PE and Sport Premium

PE & Sport Premium Funding 2016/17


Schools continue to receive additional sports funding through the PE and Sports Pupil Premium.  

In our school this amounts to £9,199 for 2016-17. We continue to use the funding to develop PE and sport provision across the school. As a result, attainment in all aspects of PE (gymnastics, games and dance), has improved.


This initiative is being led by the Physical Development Team – Naomi Sealy, Thomas Boxer (Foundation Sports), Dean Harrington and Hansa Debasia.


We aim to further improve and embed the delivery of high quality PE and sport by school’s staff. To extend the breadth and range of activities pupils can engage in at unstructured/extra-curricular parts of the school day. We also aim to develop wider engagement in competitive sports. At Moss Hall Infant School, we also focus on promoting life long physical activity.


We aim to achieve this by:


  • Providing our pupils with the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of sports and physical activity at breakfast, lunchtime and afterschool clubs.

  • Promoting high quality physical education to all of our children, through well-planned PE lessons and team teaching with a specialist sports coach.

  • Running a P.E Inset to ensure staff are confident to plan & deliver high quality PE lessons.

  • Lunchtime supervisors to be able to set up and manage sporting activities during lunchtimes.

  • Ensuring children take part in competitive games activities. Introducing representative school teams who will train once a week and compete against other schools on a regular basis.

  • Educating children on “how to be healthy” through assembly’s, healthy living workshops and by maintaining cross curricular links within P.E lessons. This process will ensure the Healthy Schools agenda remains high priority.


    To facilitate this, we will provide:


  • Release time for class teachers to observe high quality PE lessons;

  • PE training for all staff, including mealtime staff;

  • A broad range of additional lunchtime and afterschool PE activities;

  • Specialist Sports Coaches who deliver focused coaching sessions for children;

  • A Physical Education Improvement Team to lead on initiatives and development;

  • Opportunities for children to take part in competitive sports events;

  • Healthy living and eating workshops and assembly’s lead by specialists.

  • Resources and equipment to support PE learning and teaching.




Budget £9,199 (annual funding)

● £550 Membership of the Barnet Primary Sports Service


●£475 Release Cost for PE subject leader


●£7000 Specialist sports coaches


●£160 Transport hire for external events


●£1014 Resources and equipment


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